XML Sucks!

It is my belief, that the creators of XML failed to make it a convenient and robust language by adding redundant syntactic elements, and introducing unnecesary gimmicks to please ... well, I don't know who! XML is not an end-user language, it is mostly computer-generated and computer-read. Therefore, it is a language for programmers mainly. And programmers (I think) would rather appreciate a simple and logical than heavy and "feature-loaded". XML is a tool, and tool must be simple in order to be effective.

Thit is my list of complains to XML authors:

  1. Terminal tags (tags without content or value) are unnecessary. Why create a special syntactic element for something that is a degenerated case of a generic one? Example: instead of <img/> one can as easily use <img></img>.
  2. Tag attributes not needed at all. Any information that is held in attributes can as easily be presented as the value of a child node. Example: instead of <a href="http://www.w3.org">WWW Home </a> one would better use: <a>WWW home<href>http://www.w3.org</href></a>.
  3. Meta-data is not necessary. It is a part of XML document, but it uses a special syntax, introduces yet another symbol with "special" meaning. Why not to make it something like <xml:meta><version>1.0</version></xml:meta>. This would at least look like normal XML syntax.
  4. Too many symbols have special meaning in XML (like '?', ':', and others). To me this looks like a poor design.
In general, the move from HTML from XML was a good one, but it was not made to the extend it should. The heredity of HTML/SGML was too strong, I guess.

tXML Rules!

tXML takes from XML the constructive part, and leaves gimmicks to "conformant" XML implementations.

tXML language features: